Are you embarrassed about your smile because of decayed, disfigured, or discolored teeth? If so, you may be a good candidate for composite resins, also known as tooth-colored fillings.

This simple, painless procedure takes place in just one easy visit and works for both adult and primary teeth. Dr. Dan and our team will first remove the decayed area of the tooth, as well as any older filling material. Then, your dentist will fill the tooth with the composite, which bonds to your existing tooth, resulting in a stronger restoration and a longer lasting, brighter, whiter smile.

In the past, amalgam (silver) fillings were placed into the cleaned-out portion of the tooth, but Dumas Family Dentistry exclusively uses the newer, tooth-colored composite for a more cosmetically-appealing look. Because the composite filling can be perfectly matched to the color of the existing tooth, no one will even know you have a filling!


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