If you have broken or fractured teeth, have a large amount of tooth decay, or need to replace an old filling, crowns could be the solution for you. Made of ceramics, these crowns mimic natural-looking teeth in both shape and color. The painless, routine crown-placement procedure can usually be completed in two visits, and with proper maintenance, the results should last for years.

After prepping the tooth and removing the decay, Dr. Dan uses a tooth-like crown to restore your tooth. Crowns can be the perfect answer to restore chipped teeth, broken teeth, gaps in teeth and other damage. If you grind your teeth, have damage from an injury, or are merely looking to enhance your smile’s appearance, you could benefit from a crown procedure at Dumas Family Dentistry. Best of all, the crown protects your tooth from future damage.

Talk to the Dumas Family Dentistry team about whether you could benefit from a crown.


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