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There is little your dentist can tell you more frightening than the words root canal. If you think of a root canal as a tremendously painful dental procedure, you’re not alone. There are several myths about root canals that have mislead many people, and it’s about time that these myths are put to rest. Here are the top five:

Myth 1: Root canals are only necessary when you experience tooth pain.

In some cases, when teeth die they no longer cause pain and need to have root canal to avoid it from becoming infected.

Myth 2: Root canals are painful.

Root canals are actually what relieve the pain associated with progressive and severe decay that has reach the root of a tooth and caused infection.

Myth 3: Root canals are long process.

Many people have been lead to believe that root canal treatment requires several visits to the dentist office, but that is not the case. In fact, a single visit can restore the infected tooth and preform a root canal.

Myth 4: Root canals can cause illness.

Not only is a root canal treatment safe and effective, it eliminates the bacteria from the infected tooth, improving your oral health and overall health.

Myth 5: Tooth extractions are a better alternative to root canals.

Root canal treatment isn’t only cost effective, it allows you to keep your natural tooth. Replacement alternatives for missing teeth requires additional treatments, a lengthier process, and an elevated cost.

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